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Addiction Gambling “Online” on sbraga sbobet , Boys in England Spend Rp 1.4 Billion rupiah

A 13-year-old boy in Britain makes money worth 80,000 pounds, or about Rp 1.4 billion just floated due to losing in online gambling. The boy who is known to be gambling addicted steals his father’s credit card account for money bets on the website. He was hooked after seeing an online gambling ad while watching a football match at Wembley. The Lancashire boy used a cell phone to take a picture of his father’s company’s business credit card and register a gamble with his parent’s account.
He started betting after seeing an online gambling ad, while watching a football match at Wembley and singup on sbraga sbobet Agen Resmi piala dunia .

  • He creates a gambling account using his father’s identity, which is the company’s director.
  • After trying gambling once, it turns out he became addicted because thinking would be able to make money.
  • Within a week, he participated hundreds of times gambling by spending £ 3,000 or about Rp 50 million once played.
  • In the Mirror, the teenager admitted to not knowing if gambling was able to make an addiction.
  • “I do not know that gambling can be addictive like smoking, drinking or drugs,” he said.
  • He also admitted happy and easy when playing it.

“That’s too easy. I just had to enter my father’s name, address, birth date and card details and tick the box that says I’m 18. It really takes time to sign up and start gambling, “he continued.

The story of the boy was revealed when the local government revealed the number of children aged 11-16 years who addicted to gambling, which reached 25,000.

Currently, the child must meet a psychotherapist to reduce his addiction to gambling.

The government says, as many as 25,000 children aged 11 to 16 years addicted to online gambling. Authorities are calling for tightening regulations to avoid children from gambling.