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Addiction Gambling “Online” on sbraga sbobet , Boys in England Spend Rp 1.4 Billion rupiah

A 13-year-old boy in Britain makes money worth 80,000 pounds, or about Rp 1.4 billion just floated due to losing in online gambling. The boy who is known to be gambling addicted steals his father’s credit card account for money bets on the website. He was hooked after seeing an online gambling ad while watching a football match at Wembley. The Lancashire boy used a cell phone to take a picture of his father’s company’s business credit card and register a gamble with his parent’s account.
He started betting after seeing an online gambling ad, while watching a football match at Wembley and singup on sbraga sbobet Agen Resmi piala dunia .

  • He creates a gambling account using his father’s identity, which is the company’s director.
  • After trying gambling once, it turns out he became addicted because thinking would be able to make money.
  • Within a week, he participated hundreds of times gambling by spending £ 3,000 or about Rp 50 million once played.
  • In the Mirror, the teenager admitted to not knowing if gambling was able to make an addiction.
  • “I do not know that gambling can be addictive like smoking, drinking or drugs,” he said.
  • He also admitted happy and easy when playing it.

“That’s too easy. I just had to enter my father’s name, address, birth date and card details and tick the box that says I’m 18. It really takes time to sign up and start gambling, “he continued.

The story of the boy was revealed when the local government revealed the number of children aged 11-16 years who addicted to gambling, which reached 25,000.

Currently, the child must meet a psychotherapist to reduce his addiction to gambling.

The government says, as many as 25,000 children aged 11 to 16 years addicted to online gambling. Authorities are calling for tightening regulations to avoid children from gambling.

Recognition of an online gambling addict in Australia

Online gambling addiction can have very serious consequences. Not only can you drain the contents of your pockets, but the impact of this addiction is very wide ranging from physical, mental to your life as a whole. As told by an online gambling addict.

I am a gambling addict. Three years ago, I was punished for white-collar fraud, after I stole more than $ 130,000 or about Rp1.3 billion from my boss to indulge in an insatiable addiction.

The toxin that is my choice is not a poker machine, but gambling online.

Horse racing, horse racing, train races, dog races – I am not picky, provided I can bet and channel the addiction.

The stakes will range between $ 5,000 ($ 50,000) and $ 20,000 (Rp212 million) per day. I’ll bet up to 3:00 am, try to sleep for three hours and bet again for three hours later in online racing in the United States.

I’ve always thought that gambling addicts have stereotypes if they’re a middle-aged male or female working class sitting in a local club, feeding their favorite pokies machine four or five nights a week. But I rarely visit local gambling like that.

Gambling while the children are bathing
At the height of my addiction, my status has been married and has two beautiful children and works as a financial manager in the local government.

When I was with my family, I was physically there – but mentally, I was miles away, thinking about gambling: when can I bet next, where did the money come from, will I be a winner again?

I think about gambling almost every time – 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. I place bets at home, at work, shops – anywhere I can still receive a signal on my phone.

I will walk with my children and our pet dog, but I still try to place a bet. I even bet and watch the race on the phone while watching my children who are bathing.

Knock on the door
I have been thinking of stealing money to deal with my debt problems for months, but I can not do it because I know the consequences will be terrible.

Then one night, I got a visit from two big men with baseball batons, strongly asking me to pay off a considerable debt in that week.

They punched me and threatened to use his baseball bat on “next chance”.

I was left bruised and battered as a warning to them. It was very scary. I sometimes still remember the incident and my body back shivering.

Traditional gambling locations such as Greyhound racing show the current trends where most gambling is done online.

That night, I made the decision to steal from work. I feel physically and uneasy. My mind will not stop gambling. I know it’s wrong, but I do it – know sometime I can get caught.

The first time without a doubt is the most difficult – but once you do, stealing becomes easier. I have nothing to lose. That’s how I “reasoned” then. However, stealing becomes another issue to add to my list of issues.

I always worry about getting caught. When someone knocks on my office door, when I’m on the phone, when my boss calls me to a meeting, I’m never sure.

The fear slowly kills me, but I can not admit it, and can not eliminate it. I am at the end of a horn with no solution, no way out.

It was Monday morning when I was finally caught. I was summoned to the CEO’s office and they gave me very much proof.

I was caught, but I still deny it. I know my career is over and the prison has been waiting for me.

But at that stage, I was relieved. Nothing else saw from behind my back. Lies and tricks can stop.

When I was caught and jailed, the gambling addict I met in prison had a similar story. They are middle-aged, intelligent, well educated from a good background, all being race addicts and not criminals – certainly not the gambling addicts with the stereotypes I’ve ever imagined.

This addiction I have to redeem very expensive. I lost my job, all my possessions including home, car, everything I had.

But that is nothing compared to the loss of the relationship I have had.

My marriage was ruined. I lost access to children. I never spoke to my family again and also to most of my friends. I do not blame them.

For years in prison, I had enough time to reflect on all the damage it caused and when I was released, I knew that I could not go back to that lifestyle again.

You have plenty of time to contemplate in prison. I keep thinking about the kids, but I decided to stop gambling not because of them. The constant pressure and 24-hour thinking about gambling has destroyed me: physically, emotionally, and financially.

I know if I do not stop gambling it will kill me.

Get help before it’s too late
I write this story not because I think of it as a cathartic experience, but because I hope my story can help others to seek help before it’s too late. Or for family and friends addicts to intervene and offer support.

For people who are “close to this” or think of cheating, the solution is simple: get help.

Seek support before you reach the lowest point. The most suitable help for me is from my psychologist, private chats one on one – but to others it might be Gamblers Anonymous.

For family and friends of addicts: please do not give up to help them, this is a very bad illness and they need all the support you can give.

My life throughout the year 2017 is certainly not perfect, but it is a much better experience than my previous years.

I have regular access to my children, I rebuild lost relationships, I have found some temporary jobs – and I have not gambled since 2014.

The Las Vegas Brutal Shooter Is Known For The Rich Man And A Fancy Of Gambling

The brutal shooter at a music festival in Las Vegas, United States is known as a rich man and likes to gamble. Stephen Craig Paddock’s family is very unlikely that 64-year-old man was able to slaughter 59 people and wounded hundreds of others in a heinous act as he did on Sunday (1/10) evening local time.

“He’s a rich man and he likes to play poker videos and he likes to go on a cruise ship,” Stephen’s brother Eric Paddock told reporters at his home in Orlando, Florida.

“He sent a text message that he won US $ 250,000 at the casino,” Eric said without detailing when the message was sent.

Eric describes his brother as a quiet man. He said Stephen moved from Florida to Nevada because gambling was declared legal there. According to NBC News, in the last few weeks, Stephen made gambling deals worth tens of thousands of dollars, but it is not clear whether he won or lost in the gambling transaction.

Paddock is known to live in Mesquite, Nevada with his girlfriend, who was in Tokyo, Japan when mass shootings occurred. The Las Vegas Police Department says it will interview the woman when she returns. The authority stated that the woman was not related to the shootings.

The Las Vegas Police Department states that Stephen has no criminal record. He is also known to have no connection with international terrorist groups.

“He has nothing to do with any political organization or religious organization, nor white supremacy,” Eric said. “We’re still really confused, very surprised,” he said. “It’s like an asteroid falling from the sky,” he added.

Stephen is known to have worked as an apartment manager and is a retired accountant. He is also a licensed private pilot.

University of Maryland criminology professor Laura Dugan is astonished that most of the mass shooters are younger than Stephen. “Most shooters are quite young,” Dugan said. “Now with this particular case, it’s a wonder why a 60-year-old man who seems rich enough to do such a thing?” he asked.