The Las Vegas Brutal Shooter Is Known For The Rich Man And A Fancy Of Gambling

The brutal shooter at a music festival in Las Vegas, United States is known as a rich man and likes to gamble. Stephen Craig Paddock’s family is very unlikely that 64-year-old man was able to slaughter 59 people and wounded hundreds of others in a heinous act as he did on Sunday (1/10) evening local time.

“He’s a rich man and he likes to play poker videos and he likes to go on a cruise ship,” Stephen’s brother Eric Paddock told reporters at his home in Orlando, Florida.

“He sent a text message that he won US $ 250,000 at the casino,” Eric said without detailing when the message was sent.

Eric describes his brother as a quiet man. He said Stephen moved from Florida to Nevada because gambling was declared legal there. According to NBC News, in the last few weeks, Stephen made gambling deals worth tens of thousands of dollars, but it is not clear whether he won or lost in the gambling transaction.

Paddock is known to live in Mesquite, Nevada with his girlfriend, who was in Tokyo, Japan when mass shootings occurred. The Las Vegas Police Department says it will interview the woman when she returns. The authority stated that the woman was not related to the shootings.

The Las Vegas Police Department states that Stephen has no criminal record. He is also known to have no connection with international terrorist groups.

“He has nothing to do with any political organization or religious organization, nor white supremacy,” Eric said. “We’re still really confused, very surprised,” he said. “It’s like an asteroid falling from the sky,” he added.

Stephen is known to have worked as an apartment manager and is a retired accountant. He is also a licensed private pilot.

University of Maryland criminology professor Laura Dugan is astonished that most of the mass shooters are younger than Stephen. “Most shooters are quite young,” Dugan said. “Now with this particular case, it’s a wonder why a 60-year-old man who seems rich enough to do such a thing?” he asked.

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